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Hostess Included

CHURCH Workshop $30 per participant

Includes Buffett luncheon and Herbal Tea

HALF DAY Health workshop $60 per participant 

Includes Buffet Luncheon and Herbal Tea

FULL DAY workshop $120 includes half day workshop plus afternoon outdoor sports event or Team Building Session

Choose an activity: golf/walking, foot golf, tennis, swimming, bowls, nerf war games 

Cooking Class
Healthy Lunch
Couple in Golf Cart

Half Day Health Workshop
$60 per participant (max 12)

We are mobile and go to various venues or we can come to your workplace or meet at your booked venue for a 2 hour session. We bring everything. Learn how to make healthy foods and drinks.

Health info sessions for preventative maintenance guides:

Brain Fog or Fatigue or Low Immunity or Stress

Learn to make and keep mother sour dough starter:

- Sour dough mother starter and Bake Sour dough bread


- Learn how to MAKE your own seed sprouting kit:

Microgreens or Sprouts; alfalpha, broccoli, radish, pumpkin, sunflowers

- Learn the health benefits and MAKE your own Probiotic health food or drink:

 Ginger-Beer or Ginger fortified wine or Water Kefir or Kombucha or Sauerkraut. 

Followed by high-fibre buffet lunch where you will enjoy tasting tips to make your own foods to improve; brain fog, fatigue, low immunity and stress.


Luncheon: taste a variety of whole grain breads served with delicious toppings of tuna, legumes, cruciferous salad greens, seeds/nuts and flaxseed oil dressing with apple cider vinegar and mustard seeds. Followed by chia seed dessert with berries/fruits. 

Enjoy benefits of Rosemary Brewed  Plunger Tea to reduce inflammation.

We bring table and table setting including tablecloth and all products and foods, plates, serviettes etc.

If more than 12 participants we can do two sessions; AM and PM session package price of $600 per group up to 10 participants per group.

at Sports Club Venue

Your Health Hostess will meet your staff, up to 12 max, at the SPORTING CLUB conference venue for morning session half day HEALTH WORKSHOP and buffet luncheon followed by an afternoon of outdoor fun, exercise and activity. 

Included is venue hire, buffet luncheon with dessert and Herbal Tea followed by an outdoor exercise. Choose a sport: Golf, Foot golf, garden/park walk, tennis, swimming, nerf war games or bowls.

We book a venue and meet you and your staff there in the morning at 10am. Your Health Hostess will facilitate the health workshop then serve a buffet lunch at 12pm to be followed by a fun outdoor sporting exercise in the afternoon.

Note: there may an extra venue hire cost depending on venue and golf carts will incur an extra charge.

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