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Come join us for a Half Day Workshop or a Full Day Workshop or do the Complete Health Improvement Program

an educational program designed to support the process of disease reversal through attention to specific symptoms that affect chronic ill in areas such as coronary health, obesity, diabetes and related conditions.

Doctor and Patient

Genetic Methylation tests how your body converts compounds from proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats to minerals, nutrients, and vitamins identifying any nutrient deficiencies, which can cause many health issues.

Health Shake

Begin your new path to the new You! Transform your life with a retreat. You don't need a new diet you need a new lifestyle. Lifestyle Retreat includes:

accommodation, cooking classes, fitness/health workshops and probiotic gift, pamper products and group excursions. Day packages available.

lifestyle RETREATS
Day Retreats
kend Retreats
10 Day Retreats



Online and/or Group Sessions available

Workplace Health Programs available at your business.

Prevent, arrest and even reverse many health conditions with the education, motivation, support and friendship found in a CHIP group.

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