Precision Stainless Steel Commercial Water Distiller PWS 12-20

  • Constructed of high grade, polished, 304 stainless steel.
  • Distills 45.4 Litres of the worlds purest water every 24 hours.
  • The 45.4 Litre holding tank gives you the purest drinking water – non stop.
  • Attaches to your plumbing supply with quick connect fitting.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: V-shaped boiling tank bottom for fast, efficient drainage of impurities. Just open the tap and drain.
  • Triple-baffle system for the purest distilled drinking water available.
  • Volatile gas release vent – expels contaminants with a lower boiling point than water.
  • Automatic start/stop float system.
  • Built-in safety system that automatically shuts off the distiller should it overheat.


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Most people don’t drink enough water, yet most nutritionists agree that six to eight glasses of fresh, pure water a day is essential for the body’s well being and the prevention of disease.

Our Precision Stainless Steel Water Distiller Purifier Model PWS 12-20 is designed with the busy water lover in mind. 

This automatic distiller provides the purest steam distilled drinking water at your fingertips.  This Precision Stainless Steel Water Distiller combines the distillation process with superior technology and quality standards to give you the finest portable automatic distillation system available.  The Precision Water Distiller Purifier also provides you with the naturally healthy benefits of pure drinking water, and your cooking and baking will always retain their original flavours.  Distilled water is also ideal for infant formulas, low-sodium diets, house plants, aquariums, wet-cell batteries, steam irons, photography, and pet care.

The Precision PWS 12-20 Stainless Steel water distiller is a result of over 25 years of distillation manufacturing experience.  It’s features and benefits provide the very best water system for steam distilled drinking water requirements.  It provides safe, pure water at home for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

The PWS 12-20 duplicates nature’s own method of purifying water.   This highly reliable process for purifying water combines distillation with a high capacity activated carbon filter providing clean, great tasting water.  This distiller makes 45.4 litres of pure distilled water a day.

Features & Benefits Trouble free float system. Highly efficient stainless steel finned coil 1.9cm impurities drain. Free standing automatic unit Optional pump kits and automatic drains available 2 year parts and 15 year stainless steel warranty. Seal protected switching. Large 12.7cm boiling and storage tank opening.  Stainless steel post charcoal filter. Advanced, worry-free stainless steel water solenoid fill valve.

Additional Information

Height:130.8cm Width: 44.5cm Depth: 46cm Weight: 23.6kg Distilling Capacity: 45.4L (Note: Distilling capacity is for a 24 hour period)

Shipping Weight: 37.7kg

Volts: 120 Amps: 9.2 Hertz: 60 Watts:1500 Volts: 220 Amps: 5 Hertz: 50/60 Watts:1500 Holding Tank Capacity: 75.7L

Additional information

Weight 30.00 kg


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