The Benefits Of Drinking Distilled Water

Simply put, distilled water is water that has been rid of contaminants through distillation. The basic process of distilling water is pretty simple; water is heated to its boiling point which turns it into steam, the steam is then condensed in a clean container leaving the impurities behind.

Distillation is very different from simply boiling water in that the process eliminates almost all potentially harmful organisms and chemicals in the water while boiling only kills the organisms present in the liquid. And as you can imagine, drinking distilled water has a number of benefits beyond the superficial taste and smell improvements.

The following are the benefits of drinking distilled water:

  1. No contaminants. Water, even after being treated by your community water supplier, still contains a number of contaminants. These include heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic; industrial pollutants; nitrates from the environment; fertiliser residues and pesticides from farms among other harmful substances.
    All these contaminants have been proven to cause all sorts of illnesses in humans including cancers, neurological disorders, skin issues among other ailments. Distilling water removes these contaminants from it helping you alleviate the risk of toxin build-up and the risk of future illness.
  2. There’re no additives. The problem with consuming municipal water is that fluoride and chlorine are often added to the water as part of the treatment process. Their addition is in no way a malicious act by your community water supply, but these chemicals could have undesired effects on your health. Fluoride is added to water as a way of promoting dental health as it is thought to prevent tooth decay while chlorine is added to kill the microorganisms in the water.
  3. No minerals. Water usually contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium – useful minerals, you might think, and it would be true to a point. While we all require minerals for the proper functioning of our bodies, like everything else, these useful minerals also need to be consumed in moderation. And since our daily requirements for these nutrients are already fulfilled by the food we consume, drinking water that contains them only adds unnecessary bulk.
  4. No pathogens. Pathogens are microorganism including viruses and bacteria that make you sick. These are mostly not an issue for treated water since they have already been eliminated but for people who use untreated water sources such as wells and streams, distilling water eliminates these dangerous organism living behind clean water that is safe for consumption.

Although drinking distilled water is very beneficial for people of all ages, it is especially important for young children and pregnant women who are most sensitive to the impurities present in the water we consume every day.